My name, Sandeep Narwal.
About Me
I speak fluent various software languages and can also communicate with humans ... a rare skill in the tech world. In other words, I'm a project manager and software engineer, and have mastered the art of managing, coding and debugging at the same time.
and a bit more

Where do I do?
Plan and execute tech project.

What else ...
Occasionally do some coding in Nodejs, PHP, Angular, React and some electronics with Arduino/RaspberryPi.

For how long I am doing this?
About 15 years.

Where do I live?
Currently in UK. Not sure of where in future.

What am I doing these days?
A blockchain project.

Am I available for work?
Not really. I am fully occupied right now. But can discuss some fun, hobby projects or a casual tech meet.

How can you reach me?
Not keen to have unknown contact atm. But if you know me, you know where to reach.